About us

Eco-Friendly Flip Flops for Men, Women, and Kids

SAMBA SOL is an American Company located in Miami, FL USA. Our products go through quality control process which every order is inspected before they are shipped to you. SAMBA SOL HAS A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE RETURN POLICY. Not all flip flops are created equal!


Samba Sol was created out of our love for Art, Fashion, Comfort and the Environment. Samba Sol has become a medium for Artists to express their artistic vision to be enjoyed by others as a fashionable sustainable canvas worn all over the world.


We have brought to market the most comfortable, stylish, Eco-Friendly flip flops you will ever wear. Samba Sol's Exquisite Designs embody the energy of the companies spirit.

Our love of beautiful places demands participation in the fight to save them. Our flip flops came from the necessity to help our planet, while at the same time not compromising on comfort. We make our flip flops with 100% recycled Brazilian rubber. We don't want harmful materials in our beautiful oceans, so we attack the environmental issue from start to finish by crafting our sandals out of recycled material.

In addition to Samba Sol's devotion to the environment, we are proud to help give back to our communities. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see some of our exciting artist collaborations.