Women’s California Collection Flip Flop - White Stars

  • INSPIRED by the glitz and glamour of LA. Our white stars Flip Flops are everything to everyone.
  • BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED flip flops. Proudly display your favorite country or style, and wear your HEART ON YOUR SOLE!
  • FUN AND UNIQUE!: Trendy and hip beach style you can wear all year long!
  • EXTREME COMFORT AND DURABILITY. Designed for comfort. Not your "typical" throw-away sandals- these are built to last!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY! Made with recyclable Brazilian rubber, your purchase actually helps protect the Amazonian rainforest!
  • BRING OUT YOUR INNER BEACH LOVER! Beautifully designed sandals you can wear all day long, with a shock absorbing midsole and durable rubber outsole